My name is Johanna, and I am a Portrait Photographer and Airbrush Makeup Artist.

Like most women, I continually battle the idea of the "perfect" me. When I get up in the morning all puffy-eyed and sleep-wrinkled, I don't see her. When I go to bed mentally and physically exhausted, I certainly don't see her. Matter of fact, I seldom, if ever, see the "perfect" me. I struggle with fully 40 pounds of extra weight, and as I march ever closer to that half-century mark, the sands of time are leaving their impression in new wrinkles, sags, and bags!

But my friends, family and co-workers do see that side of me. They see my smiling expression when I see or hear something that delights me. They see the joy in my heart, and hear the sweetness of my voice.

I can capture for you, what your friends and family can see.

As an experienced makeup artist, I know how to bring forward your own unique maximize the color of your eyes, to show the blush of well-loved skin no matter the age, and to show the light from your heart, that shines from within. We all deserve a beautiful, heirloom-worthy portrait for our wall, as much for our family as we do for remind ourselves that we already are at our most "perfect".

I know what beauty looks like. Let me show you yours.